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👋 Why use Divi for your agency?

That’s simple! Divi is your agency’s competitive edge. It unleashes your team’s creative potential with its no-code builder and creates a design system that your team can use to achieve incredible productivity. Divi makes it easier to build beautiful websites. Divi makes it easier to collaborate with your team. In the end, your clients are happier, your team builds websites faster and your agency makes more money.

Before Switching to Divi

Bringing your ideas to life takes too much time because WordPress lacks a full suite of visual design tools.
Often times achieving the finished website you envisioned will require custom code and extra development costs.
Managing your team’s digital WordPress assets is disjointed and lacks context.
Your clients have trouble using WordPress and they keep running to you when they have problems.
Every time you start a new website, you have to go hunting for new solutions to make it functional.
Maintaining a mix-mash of third party plugins and blocks creates constant conflicts and performance issues.
Sometimes the plugins and blocks you use get abandoned and your client’s websites become broken or vulnerable.
Every time you buy a new plugin, it cost more money. Every time you build a new website, commercials plugins charge you for more licenses. The costs keep adding up.

After Switching to Divi

Divi’s visual builder gives your team complete control over every aspect of a website’s design.
Divi is a no-code solution to designing beautiful WordPress websites. It’s easier to use so things get done faster.
All of your team’s design assets are available in Divi Cloud so new websites take shape in no time.
You control how your client’s can use Divi. Let them edit content while preventing them from breaking your designs.
Divi is an all-in-one solution. You can build pretty much anything with its hundreds of content elements.
Since Divi does it all, your websites require fewer plugins. Fewer plugins means faster websites and fewer conflicts.
We have been doing this for 14 years. Divi is a solution you can trust now and forever.
You can build unlimited Divi websites at no additional cost. It’s the best investment your agency will ever make.

What Are Other Agencies Saying About Divi?

We think Divi is amazing, but don’t just take it from us! See what other agencies are saying about how switching to Divi improved their businesses 👇

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Christian Mayne

A mature product with great support.

I'm a WordPress user and developer of 10 years and I run a small WordPress agency. I've recently come back to the Divi after a break of a few years and have been impressed with the maturity and stability of the product. Moreover, I was impressed by the speediness and knowledge of their support team.

Gary Gleeson

Excellent customer service.

I run my own digital marketing and web design agency, Gleeson Digital, and we use Elegant Theme's Divi for all our websites. So naturally, we will have queries from time to time and every time that I contact customer support they sort it out within 24 hours. I was recommended Divi by a friend, and he mentioned that customer support was exceptional and I have to agree.

Heidi Richards Mooney

By far the best.

Elegant Themes are by far the best themes I have ever worked with. In fact, I only use these for clients now. If a client needs a new website or web redesign and uses a different theme, I only do it if they are willing to completely update their site and work with Divi. It is a superior, multi-purpose theme that has so many built-in options, why go anywhere else? You don't need dozens of additional plugins to get it to do what you need for your business, not to mention the theme templates are varied which works with so many industries. I have been a long-time customer and each and every time I have a question or an issue (which is few and far between) the customer service is superior. They answer my questions and often go a step further giving me suggestions to improve what I am already doing. Thank you Elegant Themes. You are definitely 5 stars in my book!


Love Divi and tech support is awesome.

Our agency is now using Divi whenever we are given an option on theme. We recently had an issue in need of technical support the techs worked relentlessly to figure out what the issue was and were finally able to resolve it. They were very communicative during the process which I really appreciated. We love the flexibility that Divi gives us. The templates are helpful and it's easy to use and manage the content. Highly recommend.


6-star experience for years.

What can I say? Divi was the best choice that I made when purchasing it years ago when it was still on 1.xx release stage. I made a terrifying decision at the time to leave my stable but boring job and set up my own business which evolved into a design and marketing agency....What I appreciate the most is that they are constantly developing Divi, they never rest. If only all the tools that I buy had such a great and dedicated team that does not abandon their product after time passes! My only complaint would be that you have to wait for support response sometimes longer than I would expect. But then again I rarely ever experience any issues with Divi, and they have a wonderful community on Facebook that has an answer to literally anything, so I can't say that I was ever left hanging in terms of help needed. If I could, I would give Divi 6-star rating.

Harrison Alley

The Divi theme is awesome.

I searched high and low for a theme with a solid front-end editor/page builder, wasting money on plenty of low-quality themes. When I finally found Divi, I knew it was the theme for me and I now use it in my marketing agency to build client's websites because it works so well. They also have awesome support who are knowledgeable and ready to help you with any website customization you can think of.

Brian Mitchell

Divi not only saves the day. They are the secret sauce!

Had a deal breaking difficulty come up super close to a proposed launch regarding a production agency and their inability to offer connectivity to the e-commerce option for the Drag & Drop site builder I was using. Days before the launch, I was stuck without a site, stakeholder buy in on the original site, pre-sale indicating certain project success if we could just get the product online on time. And a production agency insisting on Woo commerce. I somehow remembered Divi, and I will tell you I am so glad I did. The Support Library not to mention the minimal response time from the support team. I was always surprised by them beating the estimated wait time;(Especially in this COVID season when siting on hold is the new sitting in traffic) And wouldn't you know it. That Divi Builder. Well, You'll just had to try it yourself and see why I'm giving 5 solid stars to those rad dudes & dudettes over at elegant themes, and more specifically the team responsible for DIVI!!!!

Bartholomew Klick

Fantastic products, excellent support.

This is possibly the best investment I've ever made in my website. In addition to being a fantastic web development tool, access to professional technical support has been a massive, massive load off of my mind, and has let me focus on building what I want to make instead of constantly debugging.


The best out there.

I've been using Divi for a long time, and it's the number 1-page builder that I recommend to all of my clients and colleagues. As a 15+ year WordPress veteran, I come from experience when I say that there's no better product on the market that what ElegantThemes has put out. Not only do the have a remarkable product, but their staff is by far some of the most helpful and knowledgeable out there. If you're considering using any of ET's products for your WordPress sites, it's the best decision you could possibly make.

Divi’s Visual Builder Is Your Agency’s Competitive Edge

Divi turns WordPress into a true no-code website builder. You can build anything and customize everything. Divi’s visual builder is simple when you want it to be and advanced when you need it to be. You can do so much more with Divi and you can do it with ease.

Take The Builder For A Test Drive

No-Code Design

Divi’s visual builder is the ultimate WordPress design tool. Build websites visually and customize everything using thousands of design options. This is how websites were meant to be designed.

Full-Site Editing

Design entire websites, from top to bottom, using Divi’s full-site editor. Build custom headers, footers and content templates, and customize everything on the front-end.

Hundreds Of Content Elements

It’s easy to build any type of website with Divi thanks to its large collection of content elements. You can find hundreds more in the Divi Marketplace too! There’s always an answer with Divi.

Design Presets

Divi Presets are a workflow revolution. Presets are like CSS classes for your content elements. Assign a preset to multiple elements and then control their styles across the entire website.

Global Control

Make sweeping changes to entire websites using Divi Presets, Global Colors, Global Elements and the Divi Theme Builder. Divi’s design system saves you hours and hours of time.

Quick-Actions Interface

Power-users will love Divi’s quick actions. Quick actions allow you to swiftly interact with the page your are building using your keyboard. Let your fast fingers free and breeze through new designs.

Bulk Select & Editing

Bulk select and editing is an incredible time saver that most builders are lacking, except Divi! Select multiple elements at once and adjust their styles all at the same time.

Copy, Paste, Replace & Extend Styles

Divi’s modular styling system allows you to perform sweeping changes across entire pages. Find and replace colors and other styles. Take styles from one element and extend them to other elements instantly.

Advanced Conditions

Divi comes with many advanced options that web design professional will appreciate. With advanced conditions, you can use display logic to control when and where your content appears.

No-Code Design

Divi Unleashes Your Team’s Creative Freedom With Thousands Of Design Options

You won’t find a more robust website builder anywhere. Divi was built by designers for designers, and we filled it with every customization option your team could ever need. Building beautiful modern websites doesn’t have to be difficult. Your team will love building website with Divi.

Workflow and Productivity

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency And Build Websites Faster For Your Clients

Divi was built to make web designer’s lives easier and speed up their workflow. It’s filled with efficiency-boosting features that will improve your team’s productivity. This is one of Divi’s major focuses and it’s something that makes it stand out from the crowd. Your team will build websites faster, you will serve more clients and you will make more money. Divi pays for itself on day one.

Divi Teams

Onboard Your Team. Control Their Access. Collaborate In The Cloud.

Your Elegant Themes account comes with a team-management system complete with custom roles and permissions. Your team members can download Divi, manage license keys, get support, manage their own Divi Cloud assets and more. You can also manage permissions with Divi itself, giving your team members and clients only the permissions they need.

Divi AI

Empower Your Team With Powerful AI Tools

AI technology is evolving rapidly, and those who don't embrace time-saving AI tools risk being outpaced by the competition! That's why we were quick to integrate AI tools into Divi, making it easier than ever to build stunning websites quickly. With Divi AI, you can write fantastic content and generate stunning images out of thin air. Plus, you can quickly improve existing content and images with a single click.

Auto-Generate Content With One Click

Generate text, images, or entire modules with a click. Divi AI analyzes existing content and website details to recommend the content you should add next.

Write Anything In The Blink Of An Eye

Give Divi AI a topic, choose the content format, and let it get to work! Divi AI can compose titles, paragraphs, or even entire blog posts in seconds.

Generate & Refine Images

Just click one button and let Divi AI create images for you. It learns from your page and the context around your image to generate something highly relevant on-demand.

Divi Cloud

A Dropbox Is Waiting For You Inside Divi

Divi Cloud is like Dropbox for your WordPress websites. When you save something to Divi Cloud, it becomes available on all of your and your clients' websites while you build them.

Save Items to Divi Cloud

You can save Divi assets, such as your favorite layouts and content blocks, to Divi Cloud. It’s easy to save things to Divi Cloud while you build websites for your clients. Divi Cloud is like Dropbox, except it lives inside of Divi where you need it.

Share Items With Your Team

Each of your team members gets their own Divi Cloud library. Team members can share their libraries with each other and control the permissions granted to each person. This allows you to collaborate together on the same collection of assets.

Unlock Unlimited Storage

All Divi customers can use Divi Cloud for free to store up to 50 items. You can unlock unlimited cloud storage with a Divi Cloud membership. Store unlimited items and access them from unlimited websites. It’s a great value.


Divi Works With Your Favorite Tools And WordPress Plugins

Divi is a complete website-building framework, but it’s still part of the WordPress ecosystem and it will work with most of your favorite WordPress products. Divi also integrates with dozens of email marketing platforms and enhances certain plugins, like WooCommerce.


Clients Demand Fast Websites, and Rightfully So. That’s Why Divi Was Built For Speed.

The beautify of Divi is that it was built to be incredibly robust, while at the same time remaining lightweight. This is thanks to its Dynamic Framework and Dynamic Assets systems that only load the PHP functions and CSS needed to style each page based on the content elements and design features you use. The result is a bloat-free website. With Divi, it’s easy to get perfect scores on Google PageSpeed.

Client Hand-Off

Rest Easy When You Hand Off Websites To Your Clients

It’s easy to hand off websites to your clients because Divi allows you to control what your clients can and cannot do inside the builder. Give your clients to ability to edit content without the ability to modify a page’s design or a website’s structure. Give your clients a streamlined experience and save your team the headache.

Premium Support

Build Confidently With 24/7 Support

We are very proud of the support we provide our customers. That’s why we have over 20,000 five-star reviews, many of which rave about the surprising level of support we are able to provide using our 24/7 support chat and remote access systems. With Divi, you always have someone in your corner.

VIP Support

The Best Support, Even Faster

Does your web design agency demand faster response times and high availability? We have you covered! Divi VIP members enjoy 30 minute response times every day of the week. Put us in your corner and we'll help you run a successful web design business.

Build Anything

Serve Clients In Every Industry

With Divi, you can build any type of website. Rallying your team behind a single design system will streamline your workflow and greatly improve productivity. Take a look at some amazing websites that were built using Divi.


Legal Shield


The Salvation Army



Expand Your Team's Web Design Toolkit In The Divi Marketplace

One of Divi's strongest assets is its amazing community of talented designers and developers. In the Divi Marketplace, you will find hundreds of free and commercial extensions that greatly expand Divi's functionality, giving you all the tools you need to build just about any type of website.

Visit the Divi Marketplace

Divi Supreme Pro

Add more power to Divi with Divi Supreme Pro’s innovative modules and extensions not found anywhere else. No coding needed and no additional skills are required if you’ve worked with Divi or Extra themes before.

View Product

Divi Headers Pack

Access 960+ modern and creative header layouts, plus 40 easy headers that are built only with Divi’s default settings. This is a perfect pack for freelancers and agencies building a lot of custom websites for clients.

View Product

Divi Events Calendar

Custom Divi modules that allow you to display, customize, and style events from The Events Calendar in the Divi Visual Builder. This is the only way to integrate Divi and The Events Calendar with custom Divi modules!

View Product

Divi Ecommerce

A child theme designed to sell products online with Divi and WooCommerce. Showcase, promote, and market your products with professionally styled product, cart, checkout, account, CTA’s, and shopping pages that are built to make you money.

View Product

Divi Toolbox

The Divi Toolbox empowers you to achieve effects which normally can only be done with custom CSS, PHP or JavaScript! Now, you’ll be able to easily make these changes in the Divi Theme Customizer. Make your website awesome without any coding skills!

View Product

Divi Plus

Divi Plus is a premium multipurpose plugin that comes with multiple custom modules. Using these unique and powerful modules, you’ll be able to create different web page elements that will increase your website's functionality and appearance.

View Product

Divi Community

Join An Enthusiastic Community Of Successful WordPress Agencies

Divi Facebook Group

If you are a Facebook user, you will definitely want to join the Divi Facebook Group. It’s great to have a helpful community at your back, and the Divi community is the best!

Join the Group

Divi Meetups

Divi meetups are sprouting up all around the world. Find a local meetup or start your own. One of Divi’s biggest assets is its amazingly-helpful community.

Attend or Host a Meetup

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Divi uniquely advantageous for web design agencies?

    Divi was built by designers for designers. We built it specifically to speed up your workflow and make it easier for your team to build beautiful websites quickly. This will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Divi can do everything, which means your team can use it to build every single client website. Having all of your clients on the same trusted platform makes everything easier.

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  • Why should I choose Divi over other page builders like Elementor?

    Elementor charges $999 to use their plugin on 1,000 websites, and then they charge you even more after that. Other themes, like Avada, charge you a fixed cost for every single new website you build. We charge $89 to use our full suite of products on unlimited websites. Divi does it all for a price that can’t be beat. Furthermore, Divi offers unique features, such ad Divi Cloud, that are very useful for web design agencies.

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  • How many websites can I build for my clients using Divi?

    You can build unlimited websites for unlimited clients. There are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with building new Divi websites. It’s truly unlimited.

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  • Does Divi work with other WordPress themes and plugins?

    Yes, Divi will work with other WordPress themes and plugins. We built Divi to work with WordPress, not against it. Divi gives you all the power and flexibility of WordPress and its open source ecosystem, with all the benefits of a modern no-code design experience. Divi also enhance certain plugins, giving you more control over the design of the plugin on the front end of your website. View a full list of enhanced Divi integrations.

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  • What happens to my clients websites if I cancel my Divi membership?

    Nothing will happen to your clients websites if you cancel your membership, except they will no longer receive new Divi updates and your team will no longer be able to access our support system. You can renew your membership at any time.

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  • Do you offer a refund policy?

    Yes, we offer a very generous no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy. If you aren’t happy with Divi, ask for a refund. It’s easy to offer such a good refund policy when the product is so great!

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