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Divi consistently ranks among the best-reviewed WordPress products in the world and Elegant Themes is the currently the top rated software company on Trustpilot! Divi has been reviewed tens of thousands of times by real customers. Browse through all of our customer reviews below to find out why Divi has become the most popular WordPress theme of all time.

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You only need one theme, it's Divi.

I have used different premium themes before, but with all the themes, you need to install a ton of plugins for almost everything you wish to customize. And we all know that WordPress plugins slow down your website. Divi comes with so many different features, that you don't need to use so many plugins anymore. You get a lot of value for the price they are asking. Not to mention, their customer support is very quick and easy to reach via the chat on their website. Overall, a great deal.

Mustafa K

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I can't work with anything else

I'm not being dramatic when I say that I truly struggle when I have to work on any other theme. Divi allows me to create exactly my vision with no compromising. And just as importantly, when I have questions or need help, the customer service is the best I've ever experienced: quick to respond, friendly, and have never failed to solve my issues. It has quickly, over the course of about 2 years, become the ONLY theme I can use with complete creative abandon, and the amount of tutorial material out there as well as exemplary customer support will keep me a power user for the foreseeable future!

Jane M.

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It's All About The Customer Service For Me

I was having issues with the Premade layouts loading correctly. So, I reached out to the Divi All-Stars over there and asked for their assistance. Man, this team is truly awesome and knows their stuff man. It did not take long at all and their response was super fast. They solved my problem like a Jedi man... They knew what I was saying before I even said it lol. On a more serious note, I love the fact that they took their time to understand my issues, and didn't make me feel like a wimp because I couldn't get the layout to work. Come to find out there was an issue with my hosting account which quickly got corrected, and get this, not because of my hosting account, but because Divi Tech support told me what to ask my hosting account about. Solved the problem within 15 mins! I'm team Divi all the way man... Thank you guys so much for caring about your customers. I really appreciate it.


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Support team saved the day for me! Best support ever!!

I had been trying to fix several problems for over a week. I had an iframe that I was trying to embed that I couldn't figure out how to change the height. I had been working on trying to fix it for days! I decided to log into the help chat at Elegant Themes support and they solved the problem so fast, and I am so HAPPY! Thanks to the support team at Elegant Themes!

David McKinney

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I have been using Elegant themes for nearly 7 years

I recommend them to everyone. Not only are their products great (Viva la Divi!), their support is outstanding. The themes allow you to develop beautiful sites, no matter your skill level, and they provide the tools for people to learn and develop beyond the basics. Their support has always been top-of-the-line: super-fast and super helpful. Elegant Themes deserves all the stars. I can't imagine using anyone else.

Becky Farrell

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Divi will be the best decision you make when it comes to how to build a website

I have used Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress. Maybe if Divi wasn't so easy to use, powerful, and backed by the best support in the world, another "builder" CMS would work. But since Divi turns WordPress into a 110% customizable beautiful interface, I can't imagine ever using Wix or Squarespace ever again. Squarespace has nice templates but the ability to work with them is absolutely terrible. Wix does better than Squarespace for functionality, but using Divi has been an absolute dream. I run a copywriting and website design business. Could not do it without Divi + Divi support. 6 stars out of 5. Love.

Andi C.

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Started with Elegant themes in 2011.

Haven’t stopped using their products since. They have always delivered as a company throughout the years and have curated the best Wordpress ecosystems between simple sites and complex news/e-commerce sites. Divi handles it all, works with many other plugins and apis, and has an amazing divi exclusive market place for creators. Elegant theme staff are helpful and quick to resolve issues for you. Things will only keep getting better, Divi is certainly on the Wordpress frontier and I’m glad I’ve stayed along for the journey. ( You are invited to do the same! )

Andre Oliveira

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Where have you been all my life?

The Divi theme is the theme I was looking for all my life. The Elegant Theme Support crew is simply the best. Over the many years I've worked with them, they always have a solution to my issue, and they are happy to add the feature in the future if it currently doesn't exist. Support is polite, professional, fun, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and always have a good answer to solve my issues.

Lisa Chau

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Divi is at the top of the food chain

Divi is constantly improving and adding features I could not even dream of at times. I have used their support over 20 times to ask questions or clarify things and I always get an anser within 1-5 minutes, even on weekends and late at night. They have so many helpful tools like Bloom & Monarch. A lifetime deal is an amazing value with a solid company. Divi makes Word Press much easier to understand and while there is plenty to learn, they make the process easy are a much better alternative than cheap site builders like Wix. The best site builders out there might offer 5% of what you can do with DIVI. I hope to become an Affiliate someday, as I really believe in this product and the team.

James Dennewitz

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The King of Wordpress Builders

People always seem to argue about whether divi or elementor are better, for me it's clearly divi. It's way more intuitive to use at the beginning. Also the templates it comes with are well-designed and imo better than the elementor ones. You can also easily add things like preloaders even if you're not a techy-person.

Max T.

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Divi: Best website builder ever

I've built every site with this since 2014. The tools are intuitive and easy to use. I love the Divi library functionality and that you can designate items as library items that can be used as a template, but that you can designate global items as well. Change the item in the library, and it's instantly changed everywhere. Don't let the name fool you. It's completely customizable. I don't think of it as themes at all -- everything I do is custom.

Sharon M.

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I have been a lifetime member for years

I have been a lifetime member for years, and their service keeps getting better. I just got help to fix my custom menu styling because the hover effect was not formatted the way my wife's OCD wanted it... I logged a chat ticket, and within minutes someone helped me configure the theme and a little CSS to make it work right. Also helped make additional changes to the menu on mobile as well ... I was expecting by now that Elegant themes would have dropped tech support for lifetime members, but they actually improved the support system!!! Well done Elegant Themes ... Well done!!!

Derek Bird

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